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Guatemala • Guatemala • Rum

Berry Bros

Berry Bros

Classic • Rum

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The Dictador Rum Claro 100 Months rum is a high-quality blend, composed of rums patiently matured for 100 months, or exactly 8 years, in American bourbon barrels. This agricultural rum is produced from sugar cane juice, thus differing in its texture and aromas from rums made from molasses. Distillation takes place in the famous column stills, guaranteeing superior quality. Unlike its amber counterpart, Dictador Claro 100 rum is filtered to obtain clarity of tone and a perfectly controlled balance of flavors. Our team is happy to present this rum with its full character, rich in nuances and incredibly mature!

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  • Information : Classic
  • Cépage :
  • Millésime :
  • Appellation : Rum
  • Taille : 0.7 L
  • Région : Guatemala


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